Hair Density Bundle


Density for Hair Care System

The density for Hair Care System is scientifically innovated to transform thinning and lifeless hair into
thicker, fuller looking hair. Building on years of research in ingredients proven effective for thinning hair and combining it with an innovative liposome delivery system, HairMax® formulated this effective 3-step system, encompassing a proprietary blend of bio-active ingredients designed to deliver maximum results.

A proprietary blend of eight highly effective ingredients, including caffeine, apple stem cell, reishi mushroom and niacinamide, that together provide the scalp and hair with increased energy, stimulation and essential nourishment vital for healthy hair.

NRG8-pLEX takes hair science to a new level with a targeted delivery system that focuses on the hair and biological aging of the skin. This delivery system maximizes the penetration of the active ingredients to magnify your results.*

Bundle of HairMax Density System

  1. HairMax Stimul8 Shampoo
  2. HairMax Stimul8 Conditioner
  3. HairMax Acceler8 Booster
  4. HairMax RSN 8 Serum

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